Tech Support for everyone

Get help for all your tech needs today.

Why the name "Tech Support for Old People"?

It’s simple, during these times where 55% of all jobs are offering Remote Work  the need for tech support is higher than ever. Having adequate technical support or technical skill can make the difference in being employed or not. Tech Support for Old people is for the generation who did not grow up with technology who have suddenly found their jobs completely ruled by computers and virtual meetings.

Tech Support for Old People (TS4OP) is a group of computer technicians who understand that nothing can beat a simple phone call to help you walk through and issue. (No Texts) We specialize in getting on the phone and actually speaking with our users to assist them in solving all their technology issues. We don’t waste your time with robots or automated phone systems, you talk to a real person every time.

What we Specialize in.

  1. Home Offices
  2. Meetings and Video Conferencing. (Zoom, Teams, WebEx)
  3. Anti-Virus and Virus Removal.
  4. Apple and Android phones.
  5. Home Theater Setups.
  6. Computer Upgrades
  7. Video Game Systems
  8. New Computer Builds
  9. Car Audio and Connectivity.
  10. Software Support (ALL of them)
  11. Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint)
  12. Web Development
  13. Smart TV setups.
  14. Smart home devices. (Alexa, Ring Cameras)