The Cloud, What it is and isn’t. The 5 minute guide to “The Cloud”

 Since you're here you must be wondering, what the cloud is and how possibly too afraid to ask. Well we have your back we have put together a very short read on what the cloud is in such a way that even your grandparents will be able to understand it. In 5 minutes you should have a general understanding of the cloud based on a few analogies we have put together.

So... what is "The Cloud"

In simple terms, it's someone else's computer on the internet.

For Example:

Think of the term cloud storage, it's someone else's storage, on the internet. If you're reading this you're probably on a computer or mobile phone accessing Tech Support for Old People over the internet. Well this website is on a computer (well server but don't get caught up on that term) on the internet.

If you're on a computer look at your files, your Documents, Desktop and even Downloads, now put them on the Internet. That's Cloud Storage.

Cloud Storage Analogy:

Employee Bob has a bunch of documents on his computer or phone, but Bob doesn't have access to his computer. So Bob being the tech savvy person he is saves his documents to "the cloud". Now Bob can go to Susan's computer, access the internet, and get his documents.

What "The Cloud" is NOT

One thing the cloud is not is your laptop, desktop, or mobile phone, if you have an iPhone you may notice the iCloud app. The iCloud app is a perfect example of what "the cloud" is you can back your iPhone up using the iCloud app then you can log onto a totally different computer on the internet and access the data on your iPhone.

The difference is the availability over the internet.

Examples of Cloud Services:

  1. Gmail and Google Docs
  2. Office 365 - Microsoft Office Online
  3. iCloud
  4. Instagram
  5. Dropbox

Get your own cloud!

You can also have your own "cloud" in your home! You can save all your photos, videos, documents, and data on a personal cloud device and access it anywhere in the world even on your smart phone! Western Digital provides a personal cloud storage device with Terabytes of data (A terabyte is a lot of stuff). As long as your home internet connection is working you can access all your data and have backups available.

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