Services we offer

Consultation and Tutoring

Everyone needs their held every now-and-then, we do that too.

Simply put, we will get you on the phone with a professional and you get 2 hours a week to learn all you can. (See our Pricing for more details…) The first time you call will be a test to see how much you know, after that we go straight into getting you the information you want to know as easy as possible.

This is best for:

  1. People who just want someone to call when they have a technical question.
  2. I know what I’m doing but I want to learn about some new stuff.
  3. What’s the internet and how do I use it?
  4. My job gave me a laptop and said: “Figure it out”
  5. These kids have an iPad for school, the only tablets I know of are “Holy”

We limit sessions to 2 hours a week due to high demand.

computer teacher and tutor

Emergency Remote Support

Hit the panic button, I need help now!

It’s simple, you need someone to fix your issue we get it done. (Technical issues) You describe what’s going on, and we call you on the phone and figure out how to fix it. (Within a reasonable amount of time, we call back or email within a day) Members obviously have priority, if we can’t get to you within a day you get a membership rate.

This is best for:

  1. Something is broken right now and I need help. (I can wait until tomorrow though.)
  2. My computer has been acting weird lately, can someone check it out?
  3. I don’t care to learn how to fix it, just fix it.
  4. I just bought something how do I set it up?
  5. How do I join this meeting? Do I have to use my phone? How do I share my screen?

Get Support Now

No matter how big the issue is we solve problems.